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Books for Young Readers and Adults

GreenHouse Editorial Specializes in the Following Genres:

Picture Books 🖋​      Middle-Grade Novels 🖋      Young-Adult Novels 🖋

Sports Fiction 🖋 ​     Sports Non-Fiction 🖋​      Fantasy & Adventure 🖋​     Historical Fiction 🖋​


Literary Fiction 🖋     Memoir​ 🖋      Graphic Novels 



GreenHouse Editorial Offers the Following Services:


Conceptual Story Editing 🖋       Narrative Voice Guidance 🖋      Pacing Guidance 🖋

Character Development Guidance 🖋      Market Viability Feedback  🖋


 Cover & Query Letter Assistance 🖋​      Full Copy Editing 🖋      Agency & Publisher Referrals

Who Will Benefit Most From Our Services?

Are you hoping to land an agent? Are you an agent looking to tighten and energize a client's submission? Will you be self-publishing your book? We can help!


We work with you to ensure your manuscript reaches its full potential. We help shape your story, flesh out characters and narrative voice, refine pacing, and even strengthen your cover letter--maximizing the appeal of your writing for a future publisher or agent. We can even recommend a publishing house or agent who might be interested in your work!


Simply email us the opening 40 pages of your work—or if a picture book text, send the entire manuscript; please feel free to include samples of accompanying artwork if applicable. We will respond immediately to confirm receipt and will have your project read for consultation within a couple of weeks.


There is no fee for this initial consultation. If you like what we have to say about your manuscript, we can discuss the extent of work involved and how much these services would cost. Pricing will depend on the amount of work required. You are under no obligation to proceed with GreenHouse Editorial once a price has been quoted.


If your manuscript is already conceptually and structurally strong, we can copy edit it for you! Copy editing is an intensive, micro-oriented process that will examine your manuscript line by line, correcting grammar, typos, and story inconsistencies along the way.


Email one of us today to begin the conversation!

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